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ABOUT US – PureTouches

Here at PureTouches we are passionate about the environment we live in. This
encompasses our planet Earth, such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, and
the soil that provides us with so much. And it also includes our personal
living environment inside our homes- where we spend most of our time. Believe it
or not, there is more indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution.

We believe that everyone deserves a better quality of life and that it is
possible to attain. We believe that it can start with improving the way we
sleep. As it is, we spend more hours in our bed than anywhere else in a day.
If you suffer with environmental allergies as do most of our family
members you will understand the great significance of an allergy free
environment. It can start with your pillow that your face is buried in each
night, then the bed sheets that may cause skin irritation or chemical
sensitivities. Then the mattresses that we sleep on for years before they no
longer are comfortable and killing our backs.
We want to help people change the way they think and live and we are
committed to sourcing products that will help improve their everyday quality
of life while  leaving a low impact on our environment.

We are passionate about the Earth we live on, and we believe in Humanity!
Our goal is to bring awareness to as many people as possible about the
importance of preserving our Earth and overall Human well being.