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What is Kapok?

By Bonnie Ferguson – On February 24, 2014 – In PureTouches Blog With 0 Comments

What is Kapok?  Silky soft fiber extracted from seed pods on a ‘Ceiba’ (Kapok) tree. An Indigenous tree of the tropics. Kapok is an amazing fiber that is extracted from seed pods that fall from the ‘Ceiba’ (Kapok) trees that are found in Tropical Rainforests of South America, Africa, Asia and Indonesia. The ‘Ceiba’ tree is a […]

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Beautiful Beets!

By Bonnie Ferguson – On August 22, 2013 – In PureTouches Blog With 0 Comments

BEAUTIFUL BEETS!                         Beautiful Beets!  These beets are home grown from my garden boxes that my husband had built for me. The garden boxes are on the side of our house which helps to keep the soil warmer and grow vegetables through a longer season […]

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Why Purchase Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets

By Bonnie Ferguson – On June 14, 2013 – In PureTouches Blog With 0 Comments

Green Is The New Black   The go green initiative has become a rampant growing industry. When enforced recycling became the American norm for disposing our waste it was pretty clear why and how we could benefit from mandatory recycling processes to preserve the environment.   It would be just a matter of time and research […]

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Natural Fiber Mattresses: Rest Without Worry

By Bonnie Ferguson – On June 11, 2013 – In PureTouches Blog With 0 Comments

People all over the country have established a newfound regard for the environment and have revamped their régimes to accommodate greener practices. It seems that everyone is waiting with bated breath for the next “green” innovation and it has arrived. You can now grow your own mattress! Although not in the literal sense, natural fiber […]

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Advantages Of Buying Organic, Green Bedding

By Bonnie Ferguson – On June 07, 2013 – In PureTouches Blog With 0 Comments

Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a common goal among so many people today. Even well-known companies and corporate giants are cutting back on waste, and becoming aware of the condition of the Earth. Using biodegradable materials, and preserving paper, water, and energy is more than a trend; it’s a new way of life that […]

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